Rushing on Zoom


A Virtual Hangout

We held our Rush  online because of the deadly pandemic, so we just met up using this cool website. We played a lot of games, had a lot of fun, and got to meet a lot of new people. My favorite was when some of us played Mahjong together, and some actives taught me the rules.

Sometimes, I still think back to the words of wisdom Gart said to me that day:

An artistic rendering of if the event was in person

“The way to win at Mahjong is to not lose. But also, try to win too.”

Insane Workouts with Vincent

“The key to being strong is not being afraid. Don’t be afraid of an extra mile. Don’t be afraid of that extra plate of weight. And don’t be afraid of the steroids.”

A touching quote by a legendary workout guru. He didn’t actually say this, but I like to imagine he did.

Either way, it was a fun socially distanced way to get in shape. Vincent really motivates us to work out harder. After all, look at how hard he works while doing a squat:

What a handsome man.